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feed the animals   
03:33pm 19/06/2008
  Feed The Animals (2008)

This is the new album by Girl Talk
pay your own price, a la radiohead.

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07:40pm 25/07/2007
  well life is good right now, for the most part. building a house in New Hampshire, making good money while getting a tan/skin cancer.

last night i saw christians and lions, which was really fun. they kick butt, everyone already knows that. its good too see my friends taking off in the music world. greg and ev deserve it. the band will be big really soon. i have a feeling the time is right.

after the show i smoked in some kids apartment while two girls made out and three cats ran around. one looked like mitsi and another looked like dirty pig. both were adorable.

peace. love.
04:59pm 25/06/2007
  so my whole scandal at work finally came to an end. they found nothing against me, and the allegations were dropped. so everything should return to normal, right? wrong. my boss, who i have known for most of my life and who i thought would be backing me up tells me i should resign. his reasoning, clients cant be provided with a therapeutic treatment because they see me as a friend and not staff. but on my way home it dawned on me. the program is not open yet, and the new fiscal year starts in two weeks. he just wants me to leave so the company can save money. all i am is worth a few fucking dollars. i havent resigned yet, but i fear if i dont i'll get fired, which would be worse than me quitting in the future. what the hell do i do? i have no idea.

what i learned from this whole ordeal.
A) don't trust ANYONE
B) past relationships with people are meaningless when it comes to work
C) im pretty much worth nothing to the world outside of my friends

fuck. oh well, its not the end of the world. life goes on. but screw crazy girls that make up stories for attention and ruin my life. to an extent.

in good news, i saw wilco at the pines in northampton and partied in hadley. i made so many new friends. and i realized the fact that i dont meet new people as often as i used to is why i am unhappy so much.

wilco is one of the best live acts i have ever seen. unbelievable tightness and the ability to go off into a jam, but not to over do it and lose themselves, which so many bands do. the show was also filmed and will be broadcast on mtv/vh1 in the near future. and i am certain i will be on it. so thats exciting.

peace. love.
05:24pm 19/04/2007
  my life is intense right now. waking up at 7 everyday. working then going to class then back to work. i need more professional clothes. which sucks. cause i don't have loot. crushing on a chica. being really tired all the time. not going to the gym anymore. which i like. sleeping like 5 hours a night. doing well in school. playing a lil tiger here and there. wanting a bagel right now. anticipating the future. being appalled at the world in so many ways. harboring conservative political tidings. everything is insignificant.
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12:25pm 29/03/2007
  job interview for healthlink today. im nervous.  
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08:49pm 24/03/2007
  the protest today was the best thing i have done all year. i now know the real power people can have when they are united under one cause.  
11:16am 18/02/2007
  the club drugs are sweetttt. awesome party last night night night.  
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01:43pm 03/02/2007
  last night's snow was beautiful

movie literacy
Film critic Jim Emerson recently compiled a list of 102 movies that you should see before you can consider yourself movie literate:

"...they [are] the movies you just kind of figure everybody ought to have seen in order to have any sort of informed discussion about movies. They're the common cultural currency of our time, the basic cinematic texts that everyone should know, at minimum, to be somewhat "movie-literate."

I've marked the ones I've seen with an x. Copy and paste yours in the comments if you want:

(x) 2001: A Space Odyssey
() The 400 Blows
() 8 1/2
() Aguirre, the Wrath of God
(x) Alien
() All About Eve
() Annie Hall
(x) Apocalypse Now
(x) Bambi
() The Battleship Potemkin
() The Best Years of Our Lives
() The Big Red One
() The Bicycle Thief
(x) The Big Sleep
(x) Blade Runner
() Blowup
() Blue Velvet
(x) Bonnie and Clyde
() Breathless
() Bringing Up Baby
(x) Carrie
(x) Casablanca
() Un Chien Andalou
() Children of Paradise / Les Enfants du Paradis
() Chinatown
(x) Citizen Kane
(x) A Clockwork Orange
() The Crying Game
() The Day the Earth Stood Still
() Days of Heaven
(x) Dirty Harry
() The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie
(x) Do the Right Thing
() La Dolce Vita
() Double Indemnity
(x) Dr. Strangelove
() Duck Soup
(x) E.T. -- The Extra-Terrestrial
(x) Easy Rider
(x) The Empire Strikes Back
(x) The Exorcist
(x) Fargo
(x) Fight Club
(x) Frankenstein
() The General
(x) The Godfather, The Godfather, Part II
(x) Gone With the Wind
(x) GoodFellas
(x) The Graduate
(x) Halloween
(x) A Hard Day's Night
() Intolerance
() It's a Gift
(x) It's a Wonderful Life
(x) Jaws
() The Lady Eve
() Lawrence of Arabia
() M
(x) Mad Max 2 / The Road Warrior
() The Maltese Falcon
(x) The Manchurian Candidate
() Metropolis
() Modern Times
(x) Monty Python and the Holy Grail
() Nashville
() The Night of the Hunter
(x) Night of the Living Dead
() North by Northwest
(x) Nosferatu
() On the Waterfront
() Once Upon a Time in the West
() Out of the Past
() Persona
() Pink Flamingos
(x) Psycho
(x) Pulp Fiction
() Rashomon
(x) Rear Window
() Rebel Without a Cause
() Red River
() Repulsion
() The Rules of the Game
(x) Scarface
() The Scarlet Empress
(x) Schindler's List
() The Searchers
() The Seven Samurai
(x) Singin' in the Rain
() Some Like It Hot
() A Star Is Born
(x) A Streetcar Named Desire
() Sunset Boulevard
(x) Taxi Driver
() The Third Man
() Tokyo Story
() Touch of Evil
(x) The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
() Trouble in Paradise
(x) Vertigo
(x) West Side Story
() The Wild Bunch
(x) The Wizard of Oz

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06:00pm 31/01/2007
  i feel empty. but i just had a California roll. i just guess its emotionally empty. i left my fridge open for 5 hours today. cant blame my roommate. i dont have enough money to go the bar(h) tomorrow. the flaming lips are awesome. stream-of-conscious writing is great.  
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06:04pm 19/01/2007
  so school is going really well this semester. early classes, but whatever.

i drank a liter of soco last night and puked all over my toilet. so i cleaned it before class at 9 am. that was fun. thursdays at worcester continue to be fucking ridiculous.

speaking of ridic... MAGE might be moving to barre with his girly. oh this will be fun.

the gap still sucks.

peace love kippy.
01:05pm 22/12/2006
  WTF My house is cold and my mom talks way too much.  
12:06pm 08/12/2006
  lets hear it for 830 powerpoint presentations after a night of 151. i feel dead.  
10:28am 01/12/2006
mood: tired
So i was chillin out maxin' all cool last night, drinking with some bros and biddies. and then my roommate decides it would be a good idea to spontaneously rip the fire alarm off the ceiling. First off - smoking inside is gross. Second off - who the suck does that? So anyway he does it and the cops come up in like literally one minute. I'm sitting in my chair with some biddie on my lap talking to the 50. I felt gangsta. But then I got written up. My Roommate is an idiot, but he bought pizza so it's all good.
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09:08pm 21/11/2006
mood: tired
Thanksgiving soon. Time to see everyone again. Excitement. I hate the GAP. A LOT.
turkeys have feelings too. be thankful it lived just to die and be eaten by you.
09:02pm 13/10/2006
  my drivers license got suspended. goodbye life.
no music anymore.........

what. this week sucked..

in good news.
I bought high fidelity.
in bad news.
I bought the new saosin album.

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06:11pm 01/10/2006
  Saw cursive last night --- AMAZING. enough said. their new album is great, everyone should check it out if you havent already.

My photo work is coming out awesome, excited about that.

it's football season again. my meathead roommates love it. i do too i guess. overpayed idiots make this country go round and round and round again.

i've been really antisocial lately.

The Beatles and Bob Dylan were the best songwriters of the last century. I want to be more like them at some point in my life.

That's all for now.

Everybody stay up.

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10:42am 18/09/2006
  this weekend was so amazing. and so necessary. no strings attched girls. best friends. hookahs. smoke donuts. awesome.  
06:55pm 12/09/2006
mood: frustrated
i got denied a parking permit for worcester state.
so i cant leave this peice of shit school anymore.
so i will no longer be able to get any of my potential jobs anymore. so i will remain poor.
i wasnt very upset, until i was in the elevator. and some stupid slut was like "ohh i got a parking permit, too bad i dont have a car tehehe!"


oh well ill deal with it i guess.
02:08pm 11/09/2006
mood: restless
i fucking love life so much.
cassie palmer and chris niles are the coolest people ever.
i havent slept in almost 36 hours.
i dont care.
im going to class.

911 was an inside job.
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03:07pm 10/09/2006
  i need a new job. somebody help me out.